Decentralized exchange for vesting tokens

Dumper Shield is the world's first decentralized exchange for vesting tokens. It is a newly designed solution aimed at safely driving liquidity to early holders during the vesting period. Its purpose is to reduce the expected selling pressure and protect your token from the dumping effect.

For projects

  • A free alternative vesting model designed to eliminate dumping.
  • New and free initial airdrop offering pad model designed to protect against token price crashes.

For partners ( L1/L2, exchanges, launchpads)

  • Offer to projects cutting-edge dumping protection solution.
  • Generate additional revenue through white-label or affiliate fees.

For whale holders or team members

  • Sell your bug without crashing the token price.

For traders

  • Utilize a quantum finance method to maintain a vested position for your tokens while they are still under vesting.
  • Engage with liquidity during the vesting period.

For buyers

  • Buy and sell project tokens below the market price without impacting the market.
  • Make unlimited virtual offers to buy popular tokens without spending funds, fees, or gas until the offer gets accepted.

Layer 2 virtual wallet

Infrastructure for a complete order book on EVM, enabling self-custody trading with gasless transactions and no funds locked in any dApp |s elf-custody staking pad for any project | expedite any cross-chain to seconds | Infrastructure for AI-driven market maker via virtual orders

For traders

  • A new virtual limit orders method to create full order book on EVM and non-EVM.
  • Utilize virtual wallet for self-custody trading
  • Utilize quantum finance methods to leverage a small amount from your virtual wallet to place unlimited orders simultaneously on all types of assets and markets (crypto, NFTs, loans) without incurring gas or fees until the orders are executed.

For projects

  • Utilize smart self-custody staking for free to reward your holders.

For builders

  • Attract liquidity and buying pressure to your dApp platform by integrating for free Smart virtual wallet.

For users

  • Expedite any cross-chain orders to seconds instead of long minutes.
  • Manage your entire crypto life from a one-stop-show extension, including links, dApps, swaps, trades, NFTs, news, and decentralized email via wallet address.

For holders

  • Hold your tokens in your own self-custody vault and enjoy a passive income stream by earning APY with the same tokens.

ScalePad for post dex offering

PDO (Post DEX Offering) is a new ScalePad model designed to boost existing projects following the launchpad. It’s an ongoing solution for fundraising, increasing liquidity and supporting price stability.

For projects

  • A new method to continuously raise funds all year long.
  • A new method to leverage your current project's market trading volume to increase token appreciation.
  • A new method to gain sustainable liquidity without depending on liquidity providers.

For users

  • Purchase slippage-free tokens directly from the project, with a built-in staking APY.
  • Utilize a quantum finance method to hold simultaneously a buy and not buy opposite positions - and make the final decision on a future date.

Decentralized insurance for liquidity providers

LP Insure is a decentralized insurance solution for liquidity providers that utilizes bond tokens to protect against losses resulting from token dumping. It automatically recovers losses up to the original bond value, and any remaining funds in the insurance reserve are used to buy back project tokens and burn them to benefit the token holder community.

For projects

  • A new technology to attract liquidity providers to any project's liquidity pool even during a bear market.

For LP

  • Utilize a new liquidity bond structure to protect your liquidity on any DEX pool against dumping and impairment losses.

Decentralized self regulation exchange

DEREX is the world's first decentralized self-regulation exchange. It is designed as a layer 2 on top of Uniswap v4 and is integrated with decentralized circuit breakers and dynamic features similar to those found in centralized exchanges like the NASDAQ. DEREX's solutions have the ability to remove conflicts of interest between parties, protecting investors and LPs from unexpected volatility.

For LP investors

  • Provide liquidity to your favorite project through a self-regulated liquidity pool using circuit breakers similar to those on Nasdaq, and protect your funds from the risk of dumping.

For reflection project

  • Transform any reflection token, which a token tax, into a native token tax.

For traders

  • Buy tokens with a secure floor and slippage protection to guard against dumping and rug-pulling.

For projects

  • Open liquidity pools on Uniswap V4 using a new layer of technology that boost your tokens and safeguards your liquidity providers and traders from the risk of 'run on the bank'.

Freeze volatility with one click

Freeze is a decentralized technology that freezes and unfreezes the face value of any tradable digital asset. By freezing crypto, the smart contract temporarily lends frozen tokens to the borrower up to 100% LTV of the exact dollar face value. Once the borrower returns the frozen tokens to the contract, the contract returns their original asset at the exact face value at the time of borrowing.

For wallets and exchanges

  • Integrate a new technology to provide volatility protection to your traders and account holders.
  • Gain a new source of income.

For traders & holders

  • A new innovation to freeze and unfreeze any token's face value to mitigate market volatility.

NFT exchange based on decentralized insurance protocol

NFT.Protection is the world's first NFT exchange built on a decentralized insurance protocol. Our goal is to tackle the issues plaguing the NFT market, such as safeguarding investments, ensuring long-term liquidity, and promoting equal opportunities for all.

For creators

  • Boost the success rate of your collection sales by offering 100% success protection to your buyers.
  • Utilize a quantum finance method to guarantee income even if sales are canceled.
  • Utilize a new innovation to guarantee future royalty profits.

For borrowers

  • Borrow instant 100% LTV against any NFT.

For NFT providers

  • Build sophisticated NFTs and integrate them into our NFT launchpad to conduct initial NFT offerings for your clints.

For buyers

  • Purchase NFTs with 100% success protection insurance and make the final decision to keep or cancel the purchase after assessing market results at a future date.
  • Utilize the self-custody virtual wallet to make unlimited gasless offers without locking any funds.

For sellers

  • Gain royalty ownership as a seller even if you are not the creator.
  • Fork any NFT into derivatives sub-collections, and conduct derivative offerings even if you are not the original creator.

For VCs & hedge funds

  • Use our decentralized venture capital (DVC) smart contract to establish rules for automated buying and selling of any type of NFT based on various criteria. It operates on 100% autopilot
  • Charge GP carry from your DVC LP bakers' profits.
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